Program Outcomes

The CBTP at the University of Michigan has supported more than 165pre-doctoral trainees.  Our trainees have gone on to a variety of successful careers (see program alumni page for further details).

Note: The “Other” category includes (among others): business owner, self-employed, stay-at-home parent, physician, pharmacist, data analyst, marketing. 

# of trainees who have participated in the CBTP: 169 (includes current and former trainees)

# of trainees who have successfully completed their Ph.D.: 129 (87.2% completion rate)


Average time to PhD for trainees in the last 10 years: 5.6 years

Average # of publications/trainee in the last 10 years: 4.3

# of trainees who left the program without completing their Ph.D.*: 19 (12.8% attrition)


# of trainees whose completion status is unknown (all from before 2001): 4 (3.0% unknown)

# of current trainees in the CBTP: 21


*Notes regarding program attrition and completion: Since 2004, the CBTP has an 8% attrition rate.